An appreciation of Joe Hewitt

July 16, 1910
The news which was first made public in last Saturday’s “Football Field” to the effect that Joe Hewitt had been transferred to Bolton Wanderers created as much pleasure as it did surprise on Merseyside, for Hewitt had during his six seasons’ sojourn with Liverpool made a big circle of friends by reason of his useful work in various forward positions, and occasionally as a half-back.

He joined the Reds chiefly as an outside left, but subsequently trained on into a still more useful inside-left. Then, quite by chance, an accident to Jack Parkinson a few seasons ago led to the “finding” of Hewitt as a clever and cool centre-forward, and a man possessed of the power to put in that telling fast rising shot at goal from a 16 to 20 yards’ range.

Most of his goals in a great goal-getting season were obtained in this manner. Hewitt is a man who is modest and unassuming to a degree, and he is also one of the best behaved among professional footballers.

His Liverpool friends are glad that he isn’t removing a long way out of a district which has now become his home proper, and it is hoped that his presence in the Wanderers’ team next season will make greatly towards its increased efficiency for the work that lies before it – that of securing the club’s triumphant re-entry into the “upper house.”
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: July 16, 1910)

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