Billy Dunlop still at Liverpool

August 14, 1910
Liverpool will have the same men who carried the club to second position in the League last season, and with the addition of some first class men are hopeful of going a step higher during the coming campaign, and carrying off the championship.

The only player of note to go is Joe Hewitt, who has joined Bolton Wanderers. On his day, Hewitt is a capable centre-forward, and his Liverpool friends are glad he has not left the county.

Last season Liverpool’s weak spot was at full back, and the officials have re-signed Alf West, who was with Liverpool before going to the Reading club, and he is expected to considerably strengthen the defence. Another full back engaged is Ephraim Longworth, of Leyton, and formerly of Bolton Wanderers, who showed in the footballers race at the Liverpool Theatrical Gala that he is a speedy man.

There are no new half backs, and the only new forwards signed are Sam Gilligan, of Bristol City, Herbert Leavey, an outside left or right, from Portsmouth, and Joe Brough, an inside right, who hails from Staffordshire, but has played for Tottenham Hotspur.

Altogether Liverpool have signed on twenty eight players, including three goalkeepers, seven backs, seven half backs and eleven forwards. Arthur Goddard will be once again act as captain, with Ronald Orr as sub captain. It is of interest to note that William Dunlop, who has once more signed on as full back, has been a player with the club since the 1894-5 season.
(Lloyds Weekly News: August 14, 1910)

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