Season preview 1910-11: Manchester United F.C. (Athletic News)

August 29, 1910
Despite their troubles with the Football Association, with James Turnbull and with the Glossop club in respect to the transfer of Hofton, Manchester United have brighter playing prospects than ever they had. To all appearances the team is stronger than in the two seasons of the club’s greatest success. The directors and the players make no secret of the fact that they would dearly like to secure the new FA Cup, and that they consider they are as likely to achieve the performance as any, and more likely than most.

William Meredith, considers the side to be even more powerful than when the club won the League Championship and the FA Cup. True, the defence will not equal to when Holden and Burgess were at their best. Stacey and Hayes are a powerful pair individually, but, of course, neither is a fast man. The directors endeavoured to secure a speedy back, and obtained Hofton from Glossop, but an operation has been found to be necessary since the transfer, and he will not be able to play for some time. Mr. Mangnall, the secretary-manager, informs me, however, that Holden is quite himself again, and that will set all doubts at rest regarding this position. And then there is Oscar Linkson, who, two seasons ago, impressed good judges with his ability.

The forwards will be the strongest line that has ever worn the colours of the club, and that is saying a very great deal. James Turnbull has marched over the Border, and refuses to sign on. While people imagined that negotiations were in progress with this player, Mr. Mangnall took a journey to Nottingham, and secured “Knocker” West from the Forest. If West was a fine player between the Forest wings, he certainly ought to prove effective in the middle of the Old Trafford line, flanked by Meredith and Wall.

The club have never, it may safely be said, had three centre-forwards of the class and ability of West, Halse, and Homer. The last-named is a much bigger youth than he was last season, when, it will be remembered, he rendered excellent service to the League team.

Apparently, Wall, Duckworth, and Hayes are none the worse for their South African tour, despite all the work done out there. Picken, Homer, and Connor will be the leading reserves for the forward line, the last-named having clearly proved that he can play on either wing.

The old half-back trip will all be on duty, and Roberts is expected to have a big season, as he is said to be feeling much better than was the case last winter, a remark which, by the way, also applies to Alec Turnbull. The half-backs will be understudied chiefly by Haydn Green, a player from Chesterfield, from whom a great deal seems to be expected, Livingston, Whalley, and Curry.

The terracing of the splendid amphi-theatre opened last season is now complete, and the turf is in splendid condition. Fred Bacon remains in charge of the training department, with Jack Nuttall as his assistant.

Holden and Picken, I might mention, have been given the Newcastle United match on October 15, as their joint benefit, with a guarantee of £300 each. George Wall’s benefit also falls due just before the end of the season.

A full list of the players is appended: –
(Surname, birth place, position, height, weight):

Moger Harry Southampton Goalkeeper 187 86
Broad J Stalybridge Goalkeeper 173 69
Dean Manchester Goalkeeper 175 76
Holden Dick Middleton Full back 178 76
Stacey George Rotherham Full back 175 81
Hayes Vincent Manchester Full back 171 73
Donnelly Tony Middleton Full back 175 74
Linkson Oscar New Barnet Full back 176 73
Hofton Leslie Sheffield Full back 175 76
Bell Alex Cape Town Half back 178 74
Roberts Charlie Darlington Half back 179 79
Duckworth Dick Collyhurst, M/c Half back 173 72
Blott Prince London Half back 174 76
Whalley Arthur Openshaw Half back 173 74
Green Haydn E. Kirkby Half back 173 73
McGillivray John Broughton Half back 178 75
Curry Joseph Newcastle-on-Tyne Half back 174 74
Hodge Jimmy Stenhousemuir Half back 173 68
Wall George Bolden Colliery Forward 170 68
Picken John Hurlford Forward 173 72
Turnbull Alex Hurlford Forward 170 76
Livingston George Dumbarton Forward 175 73
Connor Ted Liverpool Forward 170 65
Meredith Billy Chirk Forward 175 71
Homer Tom Birmingham Forward 178 69
Halse Harold Leytonstone Forward 169 68
Hooper Arthur Brierley Hill Forward 171 70
Sheldon Jack Clay Cross, Nottingham Forward 169 66
Green A Manchester Forward 175 70
Stamford James Manchester Forward 175 74
West Enoch Hucknall Tankard Forward 173 79
Nuttall Jimmy Bolton Forward 171 69

(Athletic News: August 29, 1910)

Manchester United, 1910/11.

Back, left to right: Green, Halse, A. Nuttall, J. Nuttall, J. Broad.
Third row, left to right: Meredith, Hodge, Stacey, Whalley, Holden, Moger, Stamford, Turnbull.
Second row, left to right: Horner, Connor, Roberts, West, Bell, Linkson.
Front row, left to right: Aspinall, Skelton, Donnelly.

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