Season preview 1910/11: Oldham Athletic F.C. (Athletic News)

August 29, 1910
Oldham Athletic’s promotion to the First Division will naturally increase the interest in their performances. They have a well-balanced team, and it is quite evident that they mean to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to retain the position they have won. The players are confident of being able to give a good account of themselves, and, remembering their wonderful performances in the latter half of the season, one is inclined to think this confidence amply justified.

That the club will receive greater public support than formerly is certain, and in view of this, the ground has been improved, and will now hold comfortably 45,000 spectators. The bottom bank has been raised, the stands renovated, and the dressing accommodation considerably extended.

During the summer several important “captures” have been made, but it is questionable whether the committee will be acting wisely if they make any considerable changes, for the opening matches at least, in the team which did so well last season.

Among the most notable of the new players is McTavish, the Scottish international forward, who last season played for Falkirk. His position is inside right, and he is very speedy and clever – a brainy player. He and Broad should make a rare wing. McTavish, who was born in Glasgow stands 5ft. 7½in., and weighs 11st. 12lb. His inclusion will probably mean an alteration in the intermediate line, for Fay, whom he will supersede, and who, in the opinion of many, is even a better half-back than forward, is too good a man to drop.

Indeed, the Athletic are afflicted – if the word may be used – with an embarrassment of riches so far as the half-back line is concerned, for, among other new players who figure in that position they have acquired Alex Wilson, brother of David Wilson, another of the Athletic’s middlemen, and of Andy Wilson, the Sheffield Wednesday forward.

The club have also been fortunate in securing Hugh McDonald, the goalkeeper for Woolwich Arsenal. Local enthusiasts are wondering if he is to supersede Matthews, who in the last campaign played so well. McDonald comes with a good reputation, and he has a decided advantage over Matthews in regard to height and reach. Various junior clubs, too, have been watched by Mr. Ashworth, and as a result the following young players have also been engaged: Rowley (from Farnworth Wednesday), centre half; Pilkington (Salford United), inside right or centre forward; Muskett (Marsden, Yorkshire), outside left forward; Brennan (Hollinwood United), centre half; Fred Kent (Royton), centre half.

Of these Rowley has shown especially good form in practice, and is likely to prove a first-class player. Other local players are also being given a trial.

All the old players have been re-engaged with the exception of Bob Carmichael (inside left), who has gone to Third Lanark, John Mitchell (inside right), who has gone to Glentoran (Ireland), Jimmy Reid (left half) who has also returned to Ireland, Harry Butterworth (right half), who will now play for Queens Park Rangers (London), and Bill Martin (centre-half) who has gone to Millwall.

The following is a complete list of the players who have signed on: –
(Surname, birth place, position, height, weight):

Matthews Howard Oldbury Goalkeeper 171 69
McDonald Hugh Kilwinning Goalkeeper 186 99
Green Oldham Goalkeeper 178 70
Cook Billy Preston Full back 174 79
Hodson Jimmy Horwich Full back 175 80
Hamilton James Burslem Full back 178 83
Cope Billy Stoke-on-Trent Full back 171 73
Stafford Joe Bolton Full back 168 80
Downie Alex Dunoon Half back 171 78
Fay Jimmy Southport Half back 179 81
Walders David Barrow Half back 171 73
Wilson David Irvine Half back 173 76
Wilson Alex Irvine Half back 173 73
Rowley Walter Little Hulton Half back 176 70
Bunting Hollinwood Half back 174 70
Doughty Birmingham Half back 174 72
Breenan Jack Hollinwood Half back 170 63
Kent Royton Half back 175 72
Broad Tommy Stalybridge Forward 175 76
McTavish Jock Glasgow Forward 171 75
Toward Alf Castleside Forward 174 74
Montgomery Bill Gourock Forward 169 76
Donnachie Joe Kilwinning Forward 173 72
Miller Stan Marple Forward 175 69
Wolfenden Oldham Forward 173 65
Watts Harry Liverpool Forward 170 70
Pilkington Sam Salford Forward 175 68
Muskett Marsden Forward 174 70

(Athletic News: August 29, 1910)

Oldham Athletic, 1910/11.


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