Meeting in connection with the Mid-Week Hospital Cup

September 7, 1910
Last evening another large and interesting meeting in connection with the Mid-Week Hospital Cup was held, Mr. William Robert Williams, Liverpool F.C., in the chair.

Mr. Albert Worgan, of the same club, was elected a vice-president, and said he would be very pleased to assist the competition all he could.

The draw for the first round resulted as follows: –
Tramways v. Seaforth Artillery.
Bootle Thursday v. Corinthians.
Liverpool Police v. Hippodrome.
Telegraphists v. Hairdressers.
Orford Barracks v. Liverpool Post Office.
Byes – Empire, Tuebrook, and Sefton.

Donations are coming in very nicely towards the purchase of the medals, but anyone desirous of contributing will be welcomed.

The following were chosen to represent the committee at the various matches: – Messrs. W.T. Maloney, W. Hopley, R. Alty, William Robert Williams, and W.J. Sawyer.

The dates for the first round are September 26th and 29th. A big lot of other routine business was disposed of, and the date for the next meeting was fixed for Tuesday, September 27th, at Feathers Hotel, Clayton-square, at 8 p.m.

Time of kick off and referees will be arranged later.
(Liverpool Evening Express: September 7, 1910)

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