Also changes in the reserve team

Friday, September 9 – 1910
More interesting experiments are being tried in the Reserve team. Now the Liverpool Club are fortunate in possession two centre half-backs of the first-class in Harrop and Peake, and it has often been remarked what a pity it was that Peake could not adapt himself to one of the wing positions.

The directors last evening decided to try him at right half-back, and if he should prove as successful there as in the centre then Liverpool must consider themselves fortunate. I believe he does not care about the wing position, but if he adapted himself to the right half berth he would not be long in making his mark in higher circles than Combination football.

Another change is that Bradley is to appear at centre half back, whilst Stuart (the Bolton recruit) is to play inside left. With these alterations there should be a lot of interest in the Reserve match at Anfield.

The Liverpool team is: – Beeby; Longworth and West; Peake, Bradley, and Mackinlay; Speakman, Leavey, Bowyer, Stuart, and Uren.
(Evening Express, 09-09-1910)

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