Changes in the starting line-up

Friday, September 9 – 1910
The form of the Liverpool team on Saturday last was far from satisfactory, and it was felt that changes were absolutely necessary.

The directors at their meeting last evening decided on several important changes in the side to visit Blackburn, the eleven chosen being Hardy; Crawford and Chorlton; Robinson, Harrop, and McConnell; Goddard, Brough, Parkinson, Orr, and Macdonald.

It will be noticed that Hardy is to keep goal, his wrist now being stronger; but the most important alterations are seen in the half-back and forward lines.

Last season McConnell proved himself a most capable half-back, and it cannot be look on in the nature of a surprise that he has been chosen to fill the left half-back position. McConnell is a rare good player, and he ought to strengthen the middle line considerably.

The most interesting change is at inside right. I have already pointed out the ability of Brough, and it was only a matter of time for him to force his way into the League team, but he has gained his place rather earlier than was expected. Stewart appeared to have lost his form last week, and the directors were so impressed with the work of Brough that it was decided to give him a trial at once.

He is a sturdy little player, who knows the requirements of a winger, and his general inside play bears the hall mark of excellence. In the trial games he delighted the onlookers by his clever exhibition, and if I am not greatly mistaken he will prove an excellent partner for Arthur Goddard.

Brough came to Anfield from Burslem Port Vale, and although centre forward is his real position, he is thoroughly at home at inside right. Standing 5ft. 7½in. in height, he weighs 11st. 2lbs. His career will be watched with interest.

The team on the whole looks strong, and they ought to make an impression at Blackburn. Providing the left wing is in better trim I fancy the front line will be successful, but they are up against a strong defence.

The “Reds” have done so well at Blackburn recently that I fancy they will escape defeat on this occasion.
(Evening Express, 09-09-1910)

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