Anfield happenings (September 17, 1910)

September 17, 1910
The defeat by Bradford City was undoubtedly a big set-back for the Anfield supporters, but they received a rare pick-me-up in the shape of a victory at Blackburn. Liverpool have generally put up a good fight at Ewood, and last year effected a draw.

This time they have gone one better, and much to the surprise of the critics gained a great victory. What is more they thoroughly deserved it, and they were taking the match all round the better team.

The game had not been in progress many minutes ere Parkinson put in one of his electrifying runs, and he finished up by flashing the ball past Murray. So the Livers were one up at half-time. Again, after the interval, did Liverpool score, Parkinson being once more the medium. Thus we were on good terms with ourselves. Try as they would the Blackburn forwards could not pierce the defence until two minutes before the end when Garbutt profiting by practically the only mistake the Liverpool defence made scored a goal. Thus Liverpool won after a game in which good football had been witnessed.

Neither side had their first goalkeeper, for Hardy was still feeling his injured wrist, and Jimmy Ashcroft was suffering from rheumatism. So the two clubs could cry quits on this point. From the side that was beaten by Bradford the Livers had made two changes, Brough partnering Goddard, and McConnell appearing vice Bradley at left half.

Beeby once again kept the goal, and right manfully did he play. Hardy could not have been a greater stumbling block to the Rovers forwards than he, and evidently the Reds need fear nothing for his position.

The backs, too, gave a most convincing display, and while Robinson was the best half-back, Harrop and McConnell did right manfully. The Scotsman is likely to keep his place on the form he has shown up to date.

Forward, Parkinson was the start artiste. He distributed the play with judgment, and his dash and speed were most disconcerting to Crompton and Stevenson. Brough gave promise of good things to come, and more particularly in the second half he gave Goddard some sweet passes. But his shooting might be improved, and I am wondering if a bit more practice of shooting at goal would not benefit him.

The left wing was much better than the previous week, and altogether the work of the forwards was greatly improved.

Murray did not weaken the Rovers in goal. If he had had an extra pair of arms he could not have saved Parkinson lightning shots, and he made many good saves.

Cowell was the better of the two backs, the great Crompton finding his lack of pace a dreaded handicap when dealing with such speed merchants as Parkinson and Macdonald. The halves were a fair line without being a brilliant one, and Stevenson is not an ideal centre. Bradshaw is still a stylist, and Walmsley a worker.

The forwards seem a good lot, but they met a defence that was not only solid, but speedy, and the men were rarely allowed to get a clear shot at goal, and then Beeby was in the way. Latheron and Aitkenhead are clever inside men, and the two wingers, Garbutt and Anthony, are speedy, but they found their masters on Saturday.

The result has given the necessary fillip for today’s game, and I hope that we shall have an exhibition more in keeping with our estimate of Liverpool than the first home match. At all events, we can only use the now familiar catchwords “wait and see.”

The Foresters pay their visit today, and they should secure a good reception. Last season they provided Parkinson with four of his goals at Anfield.

The team has a veteran in the forward line, Grenville Morris by name, who has always to be watched, and he is nearly as clever in drawing the defence as was Edgar Chadwick.

Anfield Road Ground is looking in beautiful condition, and the turf, which in the first place was carefully selected, has set as firmly as even Mr. Leitch could desire.

Goal Scorer for Liverpool: –
LEAGUE – Parkinson 2, Stewart 1. Total 3.
COMBINATION – Gilligan 2, Brough 1, Peake 1, Speakman 1. Total 5.
FRIENDLY – Bowyer 2, Speakman 2, Leavey 1. Total 5.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme, 17-09-1910)

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