The opinion of some Liverpool supporters

Wednesday, September 21 – 1910
The defeat sustained by the Liverpool team have caused their supporters to become rather nervous, and I have received several letters advocating various changes.

‘Hard Luck’ writes: –
“Will you permit me to take up a small part of your valuable column to give vent to my own feelings and those of many others re the Liverpool team.

“Supporters of the Reds have been disgusted with the Reds’ play, and it’s time some changes were made in the team. The ‘old team’ of last year has had its try, but it’s not what it was last year. I have watched the team this year, and have also watched the Reserves. I Suggest, firstly, play Uren. He is streets ahead of Macdonald this season, so why should we suffer while waiting for Mac to find his form?

“Orr is not what we knew him once to be, so why not try Gilligan? Brough is a treat, and makes a nice wing with Arthur Goddard.

“Another suggestion is to try Crawford and West as backs, and Chorlton as a half. Perhaps I have been too sweeping, but things are very shaky, you will admit.”

Another correspondent sends the following: –
“I wish to support your contention that a change should be made in the Liverpool eleven. I quite agree with you when you suggest that Harold Uren, our promising local, should be substituted for Macdonald. We all know that Mac is a grand player, but there can be no doubt that the winger is dead out of form as yet, and I think, therefore, that Uren ought to be given a trial.

“That he well deserves a chance no one will deny, for he has treated us to several fine displays with the second string, and has always done himself justice in first league warfare; while, on the other hand, Macdonald could not do anything but benefit by a rest.

“Let us hope that your suggestion will bring about something tangible, for we Red supporters are becoming a little downhearted. So far the Liverpool directors, by making the recent changes in the team, have pursued the right policy, viz., a man must play for his place.”

“Red ‘Un” describes the recent expositions as “simply shocking.” After advising a change at outside left. “Red ‘Un” suggests that Chorlton should be transferred to the half-back line.

Of course, when a team is losing enthusiasts get rather down in the dumps. Some of the changes advocated are very drastic, but I fancy the directors can be depended on to study the situation very carefully and to do their best to right the team. The Livers may prove their worth on Saturday.
(Liverpool Evening Express, 21-09-1910)


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