Preview of Manchester City v Liverpool

Thursday, September 22 – 1910
Liverpool resume their contests under First League auspices on Saturday at Hyde-road, and a stern tussle is bound to result. In previous seasons there have been some rare battles between the sides, but he Livers have not won on the Manchester City ground since 1905-6, when the City retired beaten by the only goal of the match.

The next season, however, the Hyde-road brigade won 1-0, whilst in 1907-8 a draw of 1-1 was the result. The last time the clubs met was in 1908-9, when the City lost their place in the Upper House. The “Reds” have reason to remember that game, seeing that hey lost by 4 goals to nil. It was a hard struggle in the first half, and when the interval arrived there was no score. In the last half-hour of the second half, however, the Liverpool defence cracked up, and the City piled on their 4 goals. Ross obtained the first point, Buchan the second, whilst Jones put on the third, and Dorsett the fourth. When the last two goals were obtained Chorlton was off the field injured.

It may be interesting to give the teams which did duty on that occasion. Sloan was in goal for Liverpool, whilst Chorlton was partnered by Dunlop, the half backs being Harrop, Raisbeck and Bradley, and the forwards Goddard, Orr, Hewitt, Bowyer, and Cox. It will be noticed that Harrop appeared as wing half that day, whilst Orr partnered Arthur Goddard.

The City team was: Smith; Burgess and Jackson; Buchan, Wilkinson, and Blair; Thornley, Jones, Holford, Ross, and Dorsett. Only four of the players whose names are mentioned in the above side are due to uphold the City’s colours on Saturday, these being Jackson, Holford, Ross, and Jones.

The following team has been selected to represent the City on Saturday: Lyall; Kelso, Jackson; Bottomley, Eadie, Codling; Dorsett (J), Ross, Holford, Jones, Conlin. George Dorsett gave his knee a trial during the week, and his reappearance in the team has been delayed a little owing to the injury not having perfectly healed.

Wynn is recovering from influenza. This is the same side as that which was beaten by Manchester United.
(Evening Express, 22-09-1910)

George Wynn, Manchester City.

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