September statistics for Everton and Liverpool

Tuesday, September 27 – 1910
Our local clubs have not had an over successful time during the first month of the campaign. Each have played five matches, Everton having won two, lost two, and drawn one; whilst Liverpool have won two and lost three.

The Liverpool club have called on a larger number of players than in the corresponding month of last season, and it is rather surprising to find that no fewer than 19 players have already appeared in the League team. Here is the list of players, together with the number of appearances: –

Gus Beeby 4
Sam Hardy 1
Robert Crawford 3
Tom Chorlton 4
Alf West 1
Ephraim Longworth 2
Robert Robinson 5
Jim Harrop 3
Ernest Peake 3
James Bradley 2
John McConnell 3
Arthur Goddard 5
James Stewart 1
Joe Brough 4
Jack Parkinson 5
Ronald Orr 3
Sam Bowyer 1
Sam Gilligan 1
John Macdonald 5


William Scott 5
Bob Balmer 5
Jock Maconnachie 5
Val Harris 5
Robert Young 5
Harry Makepeace 5
Ernest Pinkney 3
William Lacey 3
Bert Freeman 4
Alex Young 5
Bob Turner 5
Wattie White 2
Arthur Berry 2
James Gourlay 1

Liverpool relied on 21 players during the whole of last season, whilst but 16 had been called on up to the end of last October. The goal-scorer for Liverpool up to the present are Parkinson 3, Stewart, Orr, Brough, and Gilligan one each.

It will be noticed that Everton have called upon 14 players only up to the present. In September last year Everton played 7 matches compared with 5 this season. Freeman scored 9 goals last September, but he can claim but 2 up to now. It is remarkable facts that a team like Everton have only been able to score 4 goals in five games. It is hardly a compliment to the “Blues” front line.
(Evening Express, 27-09-1910)

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