A strong Everton team for the second derby

Thursday, October 6 – 1910
Everton, as holders of the Lancashire Cup, are likely to put their best efforts forward at Anfield on Monday next, when they oppose Liverpool once more. This is evident from the fact that the Blues are placing their strongest team in the field, the following eleven having been chosen to do duty: – William Scott; Bob Balmer, Jock Maconnachie; Val Harris, Robert Young, Harry Makepeace; Arthur Berry, James Gourlay, Bert Freeman, Alex Young, and Bob Turner.

The Reds, too, are sure to place a good eleven in the field, if it is only to get their own back for that defeat on Saturday last. The competition for the Palatine trophy does not arouse so much interest as it used to do in days gone by, but when the rival Mersey teams cross swords a lively interest is always evinced in the event, no matter what competition they may be playing under.

Liverpool have yet to win the Palatine trophy. The “Reds” have not gone far in this competition, whilst the “Blues” have won it three times. Perhaps the Livers’ turn will come this season.
(Evening Express, 06-10-1910)

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