Liverpool’s team selection for Owlerton

Friday, October 7 – 1910
Liverpool visit Owlerton to oppose the Wednesday. After last Saturday’s moderate display it was felt that changes would have to be resorted to if the Livers were to make a show at all. The Reds, however, are nothing it not inconsistent, and it would not surprise their supporters if they were to prove victorious to-morrow.

But to the team. The directors held a rather prolonged meeting last evening discussing the situation, and at the finish several changes were made, and the following side was selected: – Gus Beeby; Tom Chorlton and Ephraim Longworth; Robert Robinson, Ernest Peake, and James Bradley; Arthur Goddard, James Stewart, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, and John Macdonald.

Now, compared with the side which lost to Everton there are four changes. In the first place, Chorlton has given an opportunity of distinguishing himself at right full back – his proper place – whilst Longworth crosses over. Longworth is equally at home on the left, it is said, so that the experiment will be interesting.

Then in the half-back line Bradley comes back once more, whilst Peake retains his place instead of Harrop. There are some ridiculous rumours going about, and I may point out here that although Hardy is fit, it is at his own request that he is not playing at Sheffield, and he is to turn out in the Lancashire Cup tie against Everton on Monday. Beeby can be trusted with the custodianship of the Liverpool goal.

It is interesting to note that the old forward line of last season has been reinstated. With Stewart fit and well again he is worth his place. Whilst the forward line will not please all, the attack is worth another trial, and their play against the Wednesday to-morrow will be eagerly watched.

With the Reds in such an uncertain state it is difficult to know what to expect, but I would not be surprised to see the Livers come away with at least a point.
(Evening Express, 07-10-1910)

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