Editor’s Note Book

Saturday, October 8 – 1910
Liverpool are failing to justify the high hopes entertained of them prior to the start of the season, and we cannot recall them making a more inauspicious opening of a new campaign as regards their fixtures at Anfield. Three consecutive home matches lost is something to cause us to ponder over, but the lessons taught by this trio of reverses cannot be overlooked.

Let us glance for a moment at each game that has been decided at Anfield this year. In the Bradford City match the half-back line was exceedingly feeble, and our readers will clearly remember what a field day the outside right of the visitors – Bond – enjoyed in the tussle.

Then take the Nottingham Forest defeat; here the full backs were utterly at fault, just as had been the case when in the City game Bond was allowed to send across a centre unhampered, from which came the winning goal to Bradford. Against Everton, the half-backs were once more unreliable, and it seems to us unnecessary to produce further evidence as to where the weakness of the team lies.

Nor can we write in unstinted terms of praise anent the form shown by the left wing in the forward line. Macdonald’s performances this season have been completely devoid both of skill and determination; even taking into consideration the fact that his inside players have been frail the clever winger of last year has failed in every game in which he has participated.

We want to see highly paid professional players exerting themselves to the utmost when taking part in a League game, and not waiting calmly for the ball to be always placed at their toes.

Really Macdonald has disappointed all his admirers by his half-hearted endeavours, and it is utterly useless for the right wing and centre to strive valiantly unless, the remaining part of the front rank is going to take its fair share of the work.

Liverpool possess the material for building up a capable team, and if some of the more highly fancied professionals cannot improve upon their recent exhibitions. There can be only one course open to the club managers. Anfielders are beginning to wonder when they are going to see their favourites win a match.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme, 08-10-1910)

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