Anfield Happenings (October 15 – 1910)

Saturday, October 15 – 1910
The Livers defeated at Sheffield
The visit to Sheffield of Liverpool was not anticipated with any degree of confidence, for I must admit that the Livers have done nothing yet to inspire a belief in their powers.

I suppose their day will come, although I hope it will not be too far prolonged. At all events there was distinct promise on Saturday, although the game resulted in defeat. It was only by the bare goal, and we were certainly misfortune in not securing at least one point.

The team differed from that which played Everton, for the backs changed sides, Bradley was brought in vice McConnell, and Orr and Stewart, resumed in the forward line.

The first half distinctly went in Wednesday’s favour. They were the more dangerous, and they scored once through Robertson, their smart outside left. But the second half was just as much Liverpool’s, and they could do everything but find the net. Several chances just went astray, and in the last minute “Parky” was at fault when he had a good chance.

The defence of Wednesday practically saved them from a heavy score in this half, and Spoor and McSkimming made a fine pair of full backs. It is rather curious that both were engaged as centre halves, and McSkimming has been there hitherto.

The halves are a fair trio without being brilliant, and forward their best man is undoubtedly Robertson, the outside left. I think every man who bears that name is a good footballer. Andrew Wilson appears out of place at inside left.

Beeby did very well in the Liverpool goal, but I think Longworth is better on the right than left. He did well, but did not appear as comfortable. Chorlton, despite a nasty kick, did his utmost. Peake was the best half, and forward, Parkinson and Orr did the most work. The centre had hard line, for he tried desperately for an equaliser. Macdonald did better than he has yet done, but he still needs more go. Goddard and Stewart were not as conspicuous as usual and I should like the little man to get on the target.

The Lancashire Cup – Reds and Blues
If not at full strength, both teams turned out strongly on Monday for the Lancashire Cup. In the rear ranks I think Liverpool had their best half-dozen in Hardy, Longworth, Crawford, Robinson, Peake, and Harrop. But forward Gilligan proved a poor leader, and failed to take chances, while Stewart did not display transcendent ability at inside left. Goddard, Brough, and Uren were the other members of the forward line.

Everton had their full League team except Makepeace, Arthur Berry and Turner, all of whom were on the list, and whose places were taken by Llew Davies, Pinkney, and Mountford.

The game was not by any means a poor one. Up to a point, indeed, good football was shown. But unfortunately it stopped at the very point that rouses the spectators to enthusiasm – that is the scoring of goals.

At one period it looked as the sides did not want to score, and it was left until the closing stages for Gourlay to beat Hardy, the Blues winning by one goal.

The play was pretty on both sides, and Brough and Gourlay, for their respective side, were responsible for a good deal of it. There is a certain similarity in the styles of these two men, only Gourlay has so far proved the better finisher.

The Liverpool defenders proved in good fettle, and Hardy showed more confidence than when he appeared against the Forest. There is no doubt about his class, despite Beeby’s excellence. Longworth and Crawford kicked and tackled surely and strongly and if they can reproduce this form they cannot be replaced.

The halves too showed greater aptitude in attack and defence, and Harrop, at left half, was as clever as any man on the field, Robinson and Peake working well with him. Arthur Goddard, might with advantage, centre sooner, but the captain provided one absolute opening which either Gilligan or Stewart should have turned to account. Harold Uren, at outside left, received very few opportunities, although he did once get away and give Scott a handful.

Goal Scorers for Liverpool:
LEAGUE – Parkinson 3, Stewart 1, Brough 1, Orr 1, Gilligan 1. Total 7.
COMBINATION – Gilligan 2, Bowyer 2, Brough 1, Speakman 1, Peake 1, Leavey 1, Stewart 1. Total 9.
FRIENDLIES – Speakman 5, Brough 4, Bowyer 3, Thompson 3, Leavey 2, Connell 2, Uren 1. Total 20.
(Joint EFC and LFC Match Programme, 15-10-1910)

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