Liverpool Football Ground and tramway facilities

Saturday, October 15 – 1910
To the editor of the Evening Express.
Sir, – I have travelled to football matches in many towns, but this is the worst of them all for facilities to a football ground. Fancy having a single line to carry thousands of passenger to a match. The consequence is that the line is continually blocked, and progress is very slow.

Why not have a line down Sleeper’s-hill and Walton-lane for the return cars, and two loop lines between Sleeper’s-hill and the Liverpool Football Ground?

Then they would get cars through without delay. As it is thousands walk to and from the match because they can’t get a car through the line being blocked, and this means a big loss to the Corporation and inconvenience to the public.

I hope this letter will catch the eye of some of the tram officials, and be the means of having this state of affairs remedied.

A Shareholder, Bootle,
October 14 – 1910.
(Evening Express, 15-10-1910)

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