Tough task ahead for the Livers

October 21, 1910
Liverpool have a tough task on hand at Newcastle, but the “Reds” showed such improvement last week that their supporters are not at all dismayed at the prospects on Tyneside.

Of course, the Livers have much stronger opposition to face, but it is not considered to be beyond their power to take at least a point. Of course much depends on how the “new” team shapes.

The side which represented the “Reds” last week is having another trial; indeed, no change was anticipated, and if the halves can go on imposing as they did in the second half last week they may surprise the Cupholders.

It is not a happy hunting ground certainly, but the Livers will be satisfied if they share the spoils. The full side will be: –

Newcastle: Lawrence; McCracken and Whitson; Veitch, Low, and McWilliam; Rutherford, Higgins, Shepherd, Stewart, and Anderson.
Liverpool: Hardy; Longworth and Crawford; Robinson, Peake, and Harrop; Goddard, Brough, Parkinson, Orr, and Uren.
(Evening Express: October 21, 1910)

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