Can Liverpool come back on track?

Thursday, October 27 – 1910
The visitors to Anfield on Saturday, Tottenham Hotspur, although not one of the tip top performers, are always welcome, and they may depend on to give Liverpool a good game.

The teams would appear to be pretty evenly matched if we are to judge by the positions occupied by the clubs in the table.

Both teams have obtained six points out of nine games, so that they will be keen on increasing their store on Saturday.

The blow sustained by the Reds on Saturday last was severe enough, but the defeat was not as great as the score would suggest.

I expect the Livers to make up as the result of the Spurs’ visit. Their play against Newcastle merited a better result, and bit for the offside tactics adopted by the home team I am assured that the margin would have been considerably reduced.

The “Reds” team will not be chosen until this evening, but enthusiasts may another opportunity of witnessing the side which beat Bristol.

The season is getting on, and Liverpool ought to be making a move. I anticipate that Goddard and his merry men will make the best of their opportunities against the Spurs, however, and repeat their last season’s victory.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 27-10-1910)

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