Tottenham Hotspur next visitors to Anfield

Friday, October 28 – 1910
Locally the attraction is the contest at Anfield between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, two teams who have not made startling headway during the season, but who are determined to put in all they know tomorrow to gain much-needed points.

Liverpool have been in a rather unsettled state, and up to now the Reds have gained but one victory as the result of their efforts at Anfield.

Last Saturday the team which gained the only two points at home against Bristol was given another opportunity at Newcastle, and although beaten by 6-1, the Livers were by no means disgraced, as their play did not merit such a beating.

It was not anticipated, therefore, that any great alterations in the side would be requested to for tomorrow’s game.

The directors last evening, however, decided to place Harrop in his old position at centre half and to leave Peake out, bringing Chorlton in at left half.

At Newcastle it was thought that Peake, although clever enough, was rather too light, and the introduction of Chorlton to the middle line should add weight.

Of course, Harrop is better in the centre than on the wing, but he has played very well at left half in the last two games. He has, of course, more scope in the centre, and no doubt he is more at home there.

The inclusion of Chorlton in the half back line has been advocated in this column more than once, and I pleased to note that the directors have decided to give him a trial. Of course it is no new position to Thomas, but he has not played in the half-back line for the first team for some considerable time. He ought to do well tomorrow, and I believe the side is strengthened considerably by this move.

The team is a good one, and I am sure there will be a big crowd at Anfield to witness what promises to be a fine game. The defeat of Liverpool last Saturday will not keep the “Reds” supporters away.

Much interest will be centred in the doings of the half back line. If Uren, Parkinson, and their comrades are in the same form as against Bristol City, then their supporters will be pleased.

The full side to represent the “Reds” is as follows: – Hardy; Longworth and Crawford; Robinson, Harrop, and Chorlton; Goddard, Brough, Parkinson, Orr, and Uren.

the ‘Spurs  gave Everton their first home victory, and the form of the Londoners that day was not great, but they have put in a few good performances since then.

Although Danny Steel’s fractured nose is not a very serious injury, it is considered advisable for him to play tomorrow, and Morris will therefore return to the side at right half, Kennedy retaining his position in the centre.

Should Elkin be unable to play, Bulling, a stalwart young back who came to Tottenham from Notts Olympic, will make his initial League appearance with the first team.

Happily the ‘Spurs will be able to rely on the services of the younger Steel, who was indisposed last Saturday. Joyce will again keep goal in the absence of Lunn, who may be able to resume next week.

The Tottenham players travel north this afternoon. The team will be Joyce, Elkin (or Bulling) and Conquet; Morris, Kennedy, and Darnell; Curtis, Minter, Humphreys, Steel (R.), and Middlesmiss.

The kick-off is timed for 3.15.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 28-10-1910)

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