Suggestions from the supporters

November 2, 1910
That the supporters of Liverpool F.C. are sorely troubled by the poor performances of the Reds is shown by my post-bag this morning. Several correspondents bewail the position to which the team has fallen, and suggest alternative teams, which, in their view, would do better than those put in the field by the directors.

“Rubio,” from Walton, writes to recommend the following eleven: – Sam Hardy, Ephraim Longworth and Robert Crawford, Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, and Sam Gilligan, Herbert Leavey, Arthur Goddard, Jack Parkinson, Jimmy Stewart, and Harold Uren. And he adds by way of strengthening his suggestion, “Gilligan as a half-back is worthy of special consideration, for he can dribble well and place nicely for his forwards.

“Goddard should make an inside partner, for he is a worker and can dribble well, and also is a good hard shot.”

A round-robin from Kirkdale signed by four supporters suggests the directors should try and get William Stevenson from Everton, and propose that John Macdonald should play inside with Harold Uren.
(Evening Express: November 2, 1910)

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