What will Liverpool do next?

November 3, 1910
Local enthusiasts are still wrangling about the doings of our local teams; but, of course, the Reds suffer nearly all the criticism. To only reward one home victory in the first two months of the campaign is indeed sufficient to sadden the hearts of supporters.

I myself anticipated a glorious season for Mr. Tom Watson’s team this year judging by the trial matches, but? However, one cannot be too harsh. Just because a team is down on its luck it does not follow that they should stop down.

One thing I do know, and that is that the supporters of the team can rely upon the directors to do all in the power to pave the way for success. It is a long lane that has no turning.

Perhaps we shall have a surprise in Saturday’s contest, when their opponents are the wholehearted Middlesbrough team, the surprise packet of the year. “You can never tell” what the Liverpool team is going to do, and there is no doubt that they are capable of accomplishing the feat of capturing both points from the Teesiders.

That is saying a lot at present, however, but let us hope that recent reverses will be forgotten, and that our favourites might go one better than last year, when they made a draw, the score being two goals each.

I may add that the doings of the clerk of the weather might materially help the Anfielders, who, as is generally known, are termed the Mudlarks.

The team is to be selected this evening, and in view of the controversy over the selection of various players much interest will be evinced as to its constitution.
(Evening Express: November 3, 1910)

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