A new set of inside forwards for Liverpool

Friday, November 4 – 1910
There is no getting away from the fact that Liverpool have a tremendous task on hand in facing Middlesbrough at Ayrsome Park. The Ironmen have proved themselves the surprise packet of the season, and their progress is really wonderful.

For the past few seasons the Teesiders have been struggling at the undesirable end of the ladder, but now that they have obtained a capable set of young players the right blend has been discovered, and Middlesbrough go on their way rejoicing.

The defence is solid as a rock, and the fact that they have lost but five goals in nine matches affords ample testimony to the quality of the rear portion of the team. Their victory at Manchester last week was a particularly fine one, and they fully deserve their unbeaten certificate.

This noted team is composed of the following players: Tim Williamson; Donald McLeod, James Weir; William Barker, Andrew Jackson, Edward Verrill; Bob Gibson, George Elliott, Fred Pentland, Sam Cail, Jimmy Nicholl.

And the inconsistent Anfield team are to oppose these “stars” to-morrow. What is going to happen? Are Liverpool going to create surprise? Ah, that is the question. It would be just like the “Reds” to gain a hair-raising victory or something of the sort to further confound the critics. But on the face of it there does not appear to be much hope. However, we trust the Livers will make a big effort to stem the tide of disaster.

The Liverpool directors met last evening and chose the following players to do duty against he Middlesbrough team to-morrow at Ayrsome: – Sam Hardy; Ephraim Longworth and Robert Crawford; Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, and John McConnell; Arthur Goddard, Ronald Orr, Jack Parkinson, Sam Bowyer, and Harold Uren.

There are no startling changes to record, but it will be interesting to note how Orr fares as partner to Goddard. It ought to work out all right, for although Orr has never appeared in that position before for the Livers, he several times played at inside right with success for Newcastle.

Bowyer again appears in the eleven, and will partner Uren, who, it is gratifying to notice, is maintaining his place in the side. In the rear division the only alteration is the inclusion of McConnell at left half, and I hope that he will return to his old form.

The team will leave Lime-street at 6 o’clock this evening and stay at Harrogate overnight, making the journey to Middlesbrough to-morrow morning.
(Evening Express, 04-11-1910)

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