Manchester United next visitor to Anfield

November 23, 1910
It is admitted on all sides that the quality of the football served up at Anfield this season has not been the brand expected from a team such as Liverpool; but there are indications that the Reds are gradually finding their form, and their display at Nottingham on Saturday was very good, which is a sign that they may be able to put up a show against Manchester United, who visit Anfield on Saturday.

1910 ad lfc v mufc

For two or three seasons now the United have played consistently well, having won the Cup and the Championship, whilst just now they are going strongly in the front flight. They challenge Sunderland at the top of the ladder with 20 points from 13 games, and it is noteworthy that they have been beaten in but two games. That they are one of the strongest sides in the country there is no doubt, and Liverpool must necessarily be on their best behaviour if they are to provide any serious opposition to the joint leaders.

The appearance of such a side should serve to attract a crowd of larger dimensions than was witnessed at recent games at Anfield. The Liverpool team did so well against Notts County that the same side may do duty against the team captained by Charlie Roberts, unless Bowyer be re-introduced. The kick-off is timed for 2.30.

The teams usually provide an interesting encounter, and there is every reason to anticipate a high class exposition of the code on Saturday. The clubs have opposed one another four times at Anfield since United forced their way into the upper house, and of these encounters the Reds have won three and the United one.

When they first crossed swords, under First League auspices, in 1906-7, the United carried off the spoils by the only goal of the match; but the following season the Livers made amends in no uncertain manner, as they won by seven goals to four. This memorable encounter is often talked about. I remember it was a wretched evening when the game was played, rain falling heavily, and the ground was in a terrible state. The Livers fairly revelled in the mud, and but for weak goalkeeping on the part of Doig the Reds would have triumphed by about 8-1.

They played a great game, Joe Hewitt being responsible for much good work, whilst all those who saw the match will never forget the way Harrop held up Meredith. The raven-haired half-back played left half that day, and Meredith must hold a high opinion of his powers.

The team which did duty for Liverpool in that match was: – Ned Doig, Alf West, Percy Saul, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, Jim Harrop, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, William Macpherson and John Cox.

In 1908-9 Liverpool beat United 3-1, and last season the Reds also claimed the spoils, 3-2. But the visitors are playing much better football this season, and they are sure to put in a special effort on Saturday to improve their position. They have won more games than Sunderland, the Wearsiders having drawn half a dozen contests.
(Source: Evening Express: November 23, 1910)

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