A great game is expected against Manchester United

November 25, 1910
Of course the great attraction locally is the appearance of Manchester United, the joint leaders, in opposition to Liverpool at Anfield. Liverpool have not had the satisfaction of drawing big crowds this season, but with such attractive visitors as Meredith & Co I look for a large gathering.

The Reds showed signs of improvement at Nottingham last week, and there is very reason to anticipate that the team is at last settling down to do something worthy of the club. Somehow combination in the Livers’ ranks has been absent, but recent form seem to point to a better state of things prevailing in the future.

The players are gradually falling into each other’s style, and it is as well to give the present side a thorough opportunity of blending. It is pleasing therefore to note that the directors decided last evening to reply on the same side as that which did duty last week, and if a similar game is played, then we may hope for a Red victory.

Finishing power was lacking last Saturday, however, and Parkinson was not quite at home, but it is to be hoped that the popular centre will resume in his old form tomorrow.

The United have a strong defence, and the Livers must necessarily put in their very best efforts if they are to overcome the visitors. Beeby is playing so well that Hardy is not missed, and Longworth and Crawford are improving as a pair.

Great interest will be centred in the doings of the front line, and it is believed that the inclusion of Stewart in his old position of inside right will do much towards bringing about effectiveness in the attacking line.

The full team is as follows: – Gus Beeby, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Crawford, Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, John McConnell, Arthur Goddard, James Stewart, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, Harold Uren.

In recent games Manchester United have been without the services of that fine half-back Duckworth, and although it is not definitely decided upon, is hoped that he will be able to resume his place in the team tomorrow.

If he is unfit, however, George Livingston, the old Liverpool man, will take his place. The side, I am officially informed, has been chosen as follows: –
Harry Moger, Oscar Linkson, George Stacey, Dick Duckworth (or George Livingston), Charlie Roberts, Joseph Curry, Billy Meredith, Harold Halse, Enoch West, Sandy Turnbull, George Wall.

The forward line is an exceptionally strong one, and the Liverpool defence must be on its very best behaviour if they are to prevent such sharpshooters finding the net. It is one of the strongest forward lines of the day. The great Meredith is still a force, and he is said to be playing as well as ever he did. He has a fine partner in Halse, whilst with West in the centre and Turnbull and Wall on the other wing there is ample material for Liverpool to cope with.

A game of the highest quality should be forthcoming, and I would remind intending spectators that the kick-off is timed for 2:30. The ground is in good condition, and unless heavy rain falls tonight the going should suit the Livers. I fancy the Reds will atone for previous shortcomings tomorrow.

1910 LFC v MUFC ad
(Evening Express: November 25, 1910)

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