Edwin Bateup: The guardian of the Gunners

November 28, 1910
When Hugh McDonald went to Oldham Athletic Edwin Bateup was secured. Bateup, who was the Arsenal’s League player by virtue of his former connection with the club, returned from New Brompton.

Edwin Bateup, Woolwich Arsenal F.C.

When previously at Woolwich he was an ardent student under Jimmy Ashcroft, and profited by both example and precept. Bateup is a great believer in regular training, and in a sufficiency of ball practice, arguing that every muscle man must be ready to respond to the call of the brain, while the eye must keep its quickness by regular exercise. Fair, fresh, healthy, and clear-eyed, he looks the very realisation of his physical culture system.

Born at Horley (Surrey), he was brought up at Croydon, and played with Woodger for Croydon Glenrose. At the age of 17 he deserted his trade and joined the Dragon Guards. In the army he played back and half-back until one day at Folkstone the Dragoons’ goalkeeper was hurt. Bateup pulled on the gloves as his substitute, and (metaphorically speaking) he has never pulled them off.

Woolwich heard of him when assisting Faversham, signed him in April, 1905, and kept him three season. His height is 5ft. 9¾in. and weight 12st. 10lb. Woolwich have a rare goalkeeper. What the club needs is plenty of support to secure another edition of Jack Chalmers – a goal-getter.
(Athletic News: November 28, 1910)


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