Number of games and goals so far

November 29, 1910
Liverpool have had a rather mixed experience, but if they continue the form shown against Manchester United there is no reason why they should not improve their position considerably.

Up to date the club have called on 20 players to do duty in League warfare, and, like Everton, the “Reds” possess three men, who have taken part in all 14 fixtures fulfilled by the club. These are Robinson, Captain Goddard, and Parkinson. This list is as follows.

Beeby (9), Hardy (5), Crawford (10), Chorlton (7), Longworth (11), West (1), Robinson (14), Harrop (10), Bradley (3), McConnell (8), Peake (6), Goddard (14), Stewart (4), Parkinson (14), Orr (11), Macdonald (7), Brough (8), Bowyer (3), Uren (7), and Gilligan (2).

Parkinson heads the club scoring list with seven goals, Brough coming next with three. The other marksmen are Orr (2), Bowyer (2), Stewart (2), Goddard (2), Gilligan, Harrop, and Peake one each.

The Livers are no doubt encouraged by their success of Saturday. The directors are still on the look-out for players to strengthen the ranks.
(Evening Express: November 29, 1910)

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