The final of the Hospital Cup

November 30, 1910
There is an attractive match down for decision at Anfield to-morrow afternoon, when the final tie in connection with the newly inaugurated mid-week Hospital Cup is to be decided. The committee have worked exceedingly hard, and the match deserves the heartiest support of the public.

The massive trophy, which was exhibited at Anfield on Saturday last, was greatly admired, and the contest for possession of this valuable cup is sure to be of the keenest possible description.

The competition has been followed with great interest and there should be a large attendance to-morrow. The finalists are Tuebrook and Post Office, the sides being. –
Post Office: S. Bamber; W.G. Williams, A. Blatcher; A. King, F. Mowatt, J. Strahan; J. Evans, H. Roberts, J. Gillespie, J. Foxley, J.M. Tompkinson.

Tuebrook: E. Kitchen; W. Hopley, G. Partridge; J. John, F. Costello, J. Barnett; E. Griffiths, W. Bosie, A. Porter, J. Wilkie, H. Nuttall.

The kick-off is timed for 2.30, and the prices of admission are 3d., 6d., and 1s; boys 1d.
(Evening Express: November 30, 1910)

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