With the amateurs: Benjamin Howard Baker(Marlborough Old Boys)

December 3, 1910
One of the most prominent performers in the ranks of the above club is the individual whose lineaments we herewith reproduce. Three years ago he captained the school eleven at Marlborough College, and was a noticeable personality there in every branch of athletics. He now assists the Old Boys’ team and this season the West Derby eleven seem likely to secure some of the honours of the amateur competitions in local circles. As a centre half-back he is equal to the best in Liverpool, and is in reality the pivot of the Old Boys’ side. At Stamford Bridge last July, he won the amateurs High Jump, and he certainly possesses claims to inclusion in an English amateur combination. Though only eighteen years of age, he stands 6ft. 2in. and weighs 12st. 7lbs., so that from a physical standpoint he is well equipped for the post which he occupies in the Old Boys’ ranks.

B Howard Baker
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Programme: December 3, 1910)

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