Can Liverpool overcome Sheffield United yet again?

Thursday, December 15 – 1910
With the start of the games being rather early this is not the best period of the season for big gates, but the Liverpool Club, despite the team’s recent failures, expect to see their supporters rally round the Reds at Anfield on Saturday.

It is at a time such as the present that a club in the position which Liverpool find themselves require the support of the enthusiast, and I hope a big attendance will put in an appearance at Anfield to encourage the red jersey.

A strenuous programme is being commenced, and Sheffield United will provide the attraction. These inter-city contests are always interesting, and more often than not end with honours even; but the fight for points is so keen just now that it is hardly safe to predict.

The news of the probable return of Sam Hardy has caused great satisfaction, and it is believed that his influence on the side counts for much. The team will not be selected until this evening.

In recent contests between the Blades and Liverpool the Reds have had the best of the argument, as they have won two out of the last three games played at Anfield. Last season the results was a goalless draw, but the season before the Livers won 2-1, and prior to that by 3-0.

Saturday’s encounter will be a stiff one, and if the Anfielders are to do any good at all it is necessary that they should beat the Blades and gain their fourth home victory.
(Evening Express, 15-12-1910)

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