Liverpool ought to beat Sheffield United

Friday, December 16 – 1910
There should be a big crowd at Anfield to-morrow to welcome the Livers after their three weeks absence from home. True, the club is in low water just now, but there is nothing like encouragement, and it is the duty of the well-wishers to attend in force to cheer on the men who are trying their best to lift the Anfielders out of the rut into which they have fallen. I have no doubt in my own mind that the players are trying their level best, but somehow misfortune seems to dog their footsteps. Individually the men are clever enough, but as a body they have not proved successful.

There is bound to be a turn in the tide, however, and I fancy Arthur Goddard and his men will make some amends to-morrow. Sheffield United have obtained 16 points from 16 matches, and they have evidently got a good side together, so that the match is likely to be strenuous struggle, and as the ground is likely to be on the heavy side stamina will count for much.

Liverpool ought to stay the course, as the men are reported very fit. When they met Sheffield United at Bramall-lane earlier in the season the “Reds” were not seen at their best by any means, but it is hoped that some improvement will be forthcoming to-morrow.

Compared with the side which did duty last week, the directors last evening decided to make three changes. Sam Hardy is fit and well again, and, of course, he has been reinstated in his old position between the sticks. The return of England’s keeper ought to impact some additional confidence to the team, and his appearance will be welcomed. During the absence Gus Beeby has filled the vacancy with distinct credit, and there is no doubt that the young keeper has gained a high reputation as a custodian.

Alf West also comes in as partner to Ephraim Longworth. Alf has been playing exceedingly well in the reserves, and it is thought that this style will blend with that of Longworth. This will be West’s second appearance with the League team since he re-joined the club, and curiously enough it was against Sheffield United that he made his first appearance on September 19. At his best he should strengthen the defence, and the experiment will be watched with interest. James Bradley also return to his position at half-back, in place of John McConnell.

The full side is: – Sam Hardy; Ephraim Longworth and Alf West; Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, and James Bradley; Arthur Goddard, James Stewart, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, and Harold Uren.

Sheffield United: Lievesley; Benson and Jos. Smith; Brelsford, Wilkinson, and Sturgess; Walton, Jack Smith, Kitchen, Simmons, and Evans.

The kick-off is timed for 2.15. If the Liverpool forwards are in anything like their ???? form the Livers ought to win.
(Liverpool Evening Express, 16-12-1910)

ad 1910 lfc v sufc

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