New Year’s eve at Darlington

January 2, 1911
The Liverpool players have had a most delightful time during the week-end, and the victory over Bradford was naturally most acceptable. I must congratulate the men on their recent fine work. They have emerged out of a trying ordeal with distinct credit, and five points out of a possible eight – three away matches – is decidedly encouraging.

I understand the men played a really fine game at Bradford, and the players themselves were naturally pleased with their success, as was indicated when, after supper on Saturday at Darlington, the players, Mr. Tom Watson, Mr. John Fare and Mr. Albert Worgan passed a most enjoyable hour in the direction of letting in the New Year.

Mr. Watson, presiding, spoke very nicely about the wholeheartedness of the players, and complimented them upon their splendid work during the week. Messrs. Fare and Worgan supplemented, and Arthur Goddard, on behalf of the team, spoke feelingly upon the ill-luck that had attended their efforts in the Villa and Sunderland match, and assured the directors of their earnestness to obtain a respectable position in the League table.

Harmony was a great feature of the proceedings. Trainer William Connell opened the programme with a song, then followed items from Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren, and a recitation from Jim Harrop, while interspersed were glees that would do credit to any choral society. The season’s greetings, followed by “Auld Lang Syne” and the “King,” completed a most enjoyable evening, and the players retired ere the first hour of the New Year was signalled.
(Source: Evening Express: January 2, 1911)

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