Clyde angling for John Bovill

February 23, 1911
Out forecast may prove right or it may prove wrong, but we have every reason for stating that it is very probable that the current visit of Mr. Alec Maley (secretary of the famous Clyde club) to Sheffield and Derbyshire will bear fruit in the form of the gentleman named carrying home with him the signature of John Bovill, the smart Chesterfield inside left.

Bovill first came into prominence as a Glasgow Junior International, and was signed by Glasgow Rangers, for whom, however, he never played in the first eleven. Blackburn Rovers, some three seasons ago, Archie Kyle from the same club, when the transfer limit was £350 With this “bargain” Bovill was thrown in as a sort of make-weight.

In season 1908-09 the Scotsman left Blackburn for the town of the erratic steeple, and with Chesterfield he has displayed football always equal to the best class, for he is a master of the finer arts of the Scottish style of play.

If Bovill’s transfer be confirmed, it seems to point to the fact that Chesterfield have abandoned all hopes of re-entry to the Second League, of which they have had such discouraging experience.
(Source: Sheffield Daily Telegraph: February 23, 1911)

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