Three cheers for Liverpool F.C.

May 1, 1911
Liverpool v Aston Villa.
** Three cheers for the team that played at Anfield on Saturday! We have had some dull games in our time, but Saturday’s exhibition was one long to be remembered as the best game seen this season. There is a reflected glory to Liverpool in their last and best success, for without this well deserved victory at Anfield Manchester United could not have gained the championship even though they ran up a big score at home against Sunderland.

Manchester United should send Liverpool a vote of thanks.

** Of the Liverpool side there not much to said except that James Bradley is leaving. Jim, since he left Stoke and tried Plymouth unsuccessfully, has served Liverpool very well at half back. He came into the team when the club was yearning for a left half back, and up to a season and a half ago he had appeared more regularly than even Sam Hardy had done.

** Mr. Tom Watson was on Saturday a spectator of the match at Ashington against Scotswood. One of the visiting backs was the player watched, but at the close Mr. Watson said nothing was being done as regards transferring any of the men who took part in the match.
(Liverpool Echo: May 1, 1911)


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