Harry Lowe transferred to Liverpool

May 3, 1911
The Liverpool Football Club are bent on getting their house in order at the earliest possible moment, and re-signings continue apace, while there is very welcome evidence that the directors are fully alive to every opportunity of strengthening their ranks.

Liverpool have a jappy knack of discovering the footballer in embryo, without paying fancy prices. Several members of the present senior team are now first class men whom Liverpool virtually discovered. Now I am informed the Reds yesterday signed a really capable half back by name Harry Lowe, of Gainsborough Trinity. He played against Liverpool in the first round of the English Cup, but at that time the Anfield club was concerned with members of the Trinity forward line.

But Lowe is not a youth of the promising order who may do the club some good a few years hence. Indeed, he is a half back of the versatile order – and there are few of them in this particular department – who appears to have already arrived. He has been playing at left half back, and against Chelsea was quite the best half on the field. Several keen judges of the game were very much taken with him. I know that one sound judge connected with a South Lancashire club believes that Liverpool have completed an important transfer.

Like others who have rendered the Mersey club splendid service, Lowe comes from Derbyshire, a little place called Whitwell. He is twenty four years of age, 5ft. 9 ½in. in height, and weighs 12st 3lb. He is therefore well endowed by nature. During his four years at Gainsborough Lowe has progressed until he is now considered one of the best half backs in the League.

The Anfield officials have meanwhile been in negotiation with several of last season’s players and James Stewart, William Stuart, and Joe Brough have been retained. The list of players on the books include the following:-
Goal, Sam Hardy;
backs, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Crawford, Tom Chorlton, and Tom Rogers;
half backs, Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, John McConnell, Harry Lowe (Gainsborough), James Scott, Ernest Peake, and Donald Mackinaly;
forwards, Arthur Goddard (now well), Sam Gilligan, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, John Macdonald, James Speakman, Henry Beveridge, John Bovill, Sam Bowyer, Herbert Leavey, James Stewart, William Stuart, and Joe Brough.
(Liverpool Echo: May 4, 1911)

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