The funeral of Mr. John Milne

Sunday, July 9 – 1911
The funeral of the late Mr. John Milne, P.M., P.P.G.S., of West Kirkdale Lodge (No. 1,756); P.Z., P.P.A.G.S., Walton Chapter (No. 1,036), took place yesterday at Anfield Cemetery. The Rev. J. Pacsfield, vicar of All Souls’ Church, officiated.

The deceased gentleman was the proprietor of the Sandon Hotel, Liverpool, and resided at Rose Villa, Litherland Park, Litherland.

The great esteem in which Mr. Milne was held manifested itself by the very large number of friends that were present at the cemetery.

The chief mourners were Mr. John E. Milne, Thomas E. Milne and Joseph E. Milne (sons), Miss Esther E. Milne and Miss Grace E. Milne (daughters), William Milne (brother), Messrs. G. Swinnerton, F.K. Swinnerton, John O. Ellams, Win. Kirk, D.B. Redford, sen., D. Redford, George Dimles, J. Orrell, A.C. Orrell, and W.H. Battersby (chairman Litherland Council). A.D.C. 1,756.

Others present included Messrs. A.E. McFadden, representing John Dewar and Sons; S.L. Hancock (vice president), J. Gresby, E. Alexander, and J.W. Findlow (hon. secretary), representing the Litherland and District Horticultured Society, of which Mr. Milne was late vice president.

The Licensed Victuallers’ Association was represented by Messrs. W.H. Moore (chairman), S. Prince, T. Preston, E. Wright, and W.E. Morton (committee). I. Turner, J. Sewart, N. Christiansen (trustees), and J. Scott (secretary). A very large number of Masonic brethren attended.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 10-11-1911)

** I suspect W.E. Morton is W.E. Barclay.


    1. Hi John. Thanks for leaving a message on my website. I am sorry for the late reply – I blame it on my one week holiday (my wife told me not to bring the laptop along).

      Please feel free to share stories you have of your great grand father.



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