Mr. Thomas Cromptonn: the new director for Liverpool Football Club

July 11, 1911
Mr. Thomas Crompton has been elected to fill the vacancy created on the board of directors of the Liverpool Football Club caused by the resignation of Mr. John Fare.

Formerly a player for Wavertree, St. Helens Recreation and Everton, Mr. Crompton gained much experience in actual football, and when with the latter club showed much promise as a forward. An injury sustained on the field, however, ended his career as a player.

Mr. Crompton takes a great interest in local junior football, and is a life member of the Old Xaverians Club, with whom he played in one of their recent Continental tours. He will have two years to serve on the board, and his experience should prove of service to the Anfield organisation.

The Liverpool club are to be congratulated upon this excellent addition to their board of management.
(Source: Athletic News: July 17, 1911)

At their meeting Tuesday evening the Liverpool directors elected Mr. Thomas Crompton to fill the vacancy caused on their board by the retirement of Mr. John Fare.

The new director formerly played football for Wavertree (where he was born), St. Helens Recreation, and Everton. While with the Goodison eleven he proved a prolific scorer, but an injury ended his football career.

He is a life member of the Old Xaverians, and has always taken a deep interest in local junior football. Not yet forty years of age, he has ample leisure and means at his disposal to enable him to a useful and active member of the Liverpool club’s directorate.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 12, 1911)


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