Actions considered against Liverpool

August 11, 1911
A meeting is called for Monday at Carlisle concerning the action of Liverpool F.C. and Robert Pursell. This player was a member of the Queens Park Club, and was recognised by good judges as being a back whose services would be much sought after. Liverpool obtained them, and inquiry is following. Word came from Glasgow yesterday saying Pursell had signed. This was tardy information, but it appears that Scotland had no knowledge that the player had been signed some time ago. Queens Park realise they have lost a good man.

I have seen the newcomer at Anfield and so far as physique is concerned, there is no doubt that he fills the needs, being fast, strong, and full of muscle. He is a runner of more than average merit, and this is shown in the announcement of the names of players chosen to run in the football team’s relay race at the Players Union Sport tomorrow. The secretary of the Union advises me that the Liverpool team is:- Pursell, Jack Parkinson, James Speakman, and Arthur Goddard.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 11, 1911)