International Football Board meeting (August 14, 1911)

August 14, 1911
Liverpool F.C. fined £250
The English- and Scottish League Board met at Carlisle yesterday. Mr. W. Ward occupied the chair, and in addition there were present Messrs. Henderson, Johnston, and Mr. Andrew (Scotland), Messrs. John Lewis, John James Bentley, Keys, and McGregor (England).

Cowdenbeath reported Burnley for illegitimately approaching Hendron, one of the professionals, and Burnley were fined five guineas in addition to the expenses of the Cowdenbeath Club.

Liverpool pleaded guilty to a charge of approaching Robert Pursell, of Queens Park, and were fined £250, plus Queens Park representatives’ expenses. Mr. John Fare, a late director of the Liverpool Club, who conducted the negotiations, was supposed from League football for two years. Pursell remains Liverpool’s player.
(Source: Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer: August 15, 1911)

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