Reds vs. Stripes in pre-season trial game

August 23, 1911
Liverpool F.C. met Wednesday night, and decided that it would be possible to hold a public practice match on Monday evening, starting at 6p.m. The teams have not been christened, but we can tell from the selections that the idea in the minds of the directors has been to pit the first team defence against the first team attack. Private trial games have been proceeding merrily, and Wednesday a game took place at Anfield. Goddard and Hardy as a consequence being unable to join a merry party “touring” Upton with Mr. Bob Gratton’s team. These are the selections of the Liverpool club for Monday’s match – let us hope they will all turn out winning “naps” – and a big crowd will enjoy the battle of Anfield, and know that their attendance will result in a lift to the local charities.

Reds – Hardy; Longworth and Crawford; Robinson, Harrop, and McConnell; Speakman, J.Stewart, Beveridge, Bovill, and H.Uren.
Stripes – K.Campbell; Rogers and Pursell; Holden, Peake, and Lowe; Goddard, Gilligan, Jack Parkinson, Orr, and Macdonald.

This being the first appearance of Pursell before the public of the city it will, naturally, be an affair that will cause all eyes to be centred upon the youth who has drawn so much publicity around his transfer. Maybe the crowd will expect too much – they would assuredly have expected more than was due if the signature had been obtained in season, but the practice match gives Pursell a chance of getting settled before the serious criticisms begin. Let it be understood that the prevailing conception of Pursell’s case is that even if he doesn’t at the moment prove himself quite capable of holding his own in English football he most assuredly will do in a very short time.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 24, 1911)