A new football watch

August 28, 1911
A very novel idea, and one which will no doubt be greatly appreciated by football referees, has been conceived by the Football Watch Company of Wincanton, who have put on the market a watch which should, at any rate, reduce the possibility of mistakes being made in the important task of timing football matches.

Two small pointers – green and red – are affixed to the face of the match, and the arrangement has been worked out with such precision that, by turning the front of the watch round until the green pointer is exactly under the minute band, a clear forty-five minutes is indicated to the pointer coloured red.

It is an exceedingly simple device for in case of stoppages it is only necessary to move the green pointer forward, and the watches, which are now on sale at 7s. 6d. each in nickeled white or black oxydised cases, have the additional advantage of possessing very clear dials.
(Source: Athletic News: August 28, 1911)