Football League meeting (September 4, 1911)

September 4, 1911
Mr. John McKenna presided yesterday over a Management Committee meeting of the English League at the Imperial Hotel, Russel Square, London. The business transacted was not particularly important. The question of transfers, however, was prominent.

For improperly registering Harry Dawson, of Blackpool, without obtaining his transfer Croydon Common were reported, and the matter was referred to the English League Board. The Case of Knight, Aston Villa, was adjourned until the next meeting of the Committee, in order than Messrs. Ramsay and Ridley may attend.

Grimsby Town were allowed until October 31 to pay transfer fees due to the League. The following applications for reduction of transfers were dealt with: – Fred Biggins (Barnsley), and Billy Grassam (Manchester United) – free, provided that Manchester United receive any subsequent transfer fee that may be paid. J. Patterson, Grimsby Town – reduced to £50. Joe Satterthwaite, Grimsby, and Martin Higgins, Grimsby – applications were referred to the English League Board. No action was taken with regard to W. Nairn, Manchester City.

Joe Cottle (Bristol City) was granted free transfer by his club. The fee of Fred Wilkinson (Barnsley) was reduced to £10 but no action was taken with regard to Patrick Johnson, of the same club. The offer by Bradford City with reference to Joe McClarence was accepted. The following men were granted free transfers: – D. Silvester (Derby County); R. Leatheram (Blackpool); George Warren (Leicester Fosse); Alex Campbell (Middlesbrough).

The case of Bill Worrall (Sunderland), was deferred to the net meeting, and no further action was taken by the Committee with reference to Jock Watson (Leeds City). The fee of Robert Steven (Woolwich Arsenal) was reduced to £25. Willie Davidson (Everton), formerly of Middlesbrough, was ordered to refund £42 as share of transfer fee improperly received, to the secretary of the League, not later than September 30, failing which he is to be suspended until money is repaid.

Manchester United were given permission to appropriate receipts of the match versus Tottenham Hotspur on November 4 for the benefit of George Wall. Walter Holbem was given permission to receive 50 per cent of the fees paid by Everton to Sheffield Wednesday. It was decided that the period during, which a player is suspended be not allowed to be reckoned as service with club. The League team versus the Southern League will be chosen at the next Management meeting at Nottingham on October 5, 1911.

The inter-League match v. Ireland will be played at Liverpool on October 16, the team to be selected after the Southern League match. A fine of 1 guinea was imposed on Grimsby Town for permitting their goalkeeper to play in a jersey, contrary to Rule 22.
(Source: The Scotsman: September 5, 1911)

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