Frederick Buck’s benefit match

Monday, October 2 – 1911
The match between West Bromwich Albion and Woolwich Arsenal, on the second Saturday in November, has been set apart for Fred Buck’s benefit. Buck has been playing football for many years now. Eight years ago he was acting as inside right to Arthur Goddard in Liverpool and at the present time, in the opinion of many good judges, Buck is the most skilful footballer in the Midlands. That is high praise, but it is an opinion I thoroughly endorse.

Buck has had an eventful football career. Originally the product of Stafford Rangers, he joined the Albion. Then he left to go to Liverpool. Subsequently he migrated to Plymouth Argyle, and it was, I believe, Mr. W.L. Bassett, who brought him back from the South. It was under Buck’s captaincy that the Albion regained their position in the First Division of the League.
(The Athletic News, 02-10-1911)


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