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Born: August 27, 1875: Blackpool, in England.
Passed away: December 20, 1911: Blackpool, in England.

Position: Inside forward while with Liverpool, but centre half throughout his career.

Height: 179 cm. (5ft. 10½in.);
Weight: 79 kilos (12st. 6lb.).
* Source: Lancashire Evening Post: September 29, 1900.

Blackpool Olympic.
Blackpool: 1894.
South Shore: 1895.
Blackpool: Signed: June 13, 1896.
* registered with the Football Association: June 13, 1896.
Liverpool: Signed: May 22, 1899;
* eligible for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: September 1, 1899.
Blackpool: Signed: May, 1900.
Barrow: Signed: January 13, 1910.

Lancashire Evening Post: September 29, 1900.

Lancashire Evening Post: April 15, 1905.




  1. Thanks for using my info and having a couple of links on your pages, much appreciated. Clearly Jack Parkinson was quite a chap, much loved and respected by his friends and family. Putting himself in danger as a member of the lifeboat crew too! I will reciprocate by putting a link on his blog page too. Quite by accident I spotted his memorial. Your work like mine is invaluable to historians and local history buffs, long may it continue. As I have strong links with Bury FC, couldn’t resist searching for Alec Lindsay. Interesting turned back time. Great blog!

    1. Hi Jol,

      Thanks for the kind words and I hope you well look back in from time to time. Also please let me know if you want me to provide more information around the link to your page.
      Bury is a special club in connection with the history of Liverpool. Specially the so-called test match in April 1905 where the Bury goalkeeper Montomery was sent off and still Liverpool could not win. Ended with Bury being promoted to the First League, and Liverpool relegated.
      The story of Jack Parkinson is unbelievable reading. He must have been a shining star wherever he went. Even though he never played a big part in the history of Liverpool F.C. it is stories like this that helps paint the complete picture of the day.



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