Football League meeting (March 1, 1912)

March 1, 1912
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held in Manchester last night. Mr. John McKenna, the president, who occupied the chair, was congratulated on being elected a vice-president of the Football Association.

The legal action in connection with Kingsley, late of Aston Villa, will be heard on March 13. George Maltby was promised a benefit this season from Nottingham Forest, with a guarantee of £200, but the Forest desires it to be held over until next year. The matter was referred to the club.

William Lacey, transferred Liverpool, was granted £150, as was Harold Uren, who went from Liverpool to Everton. Liverpool were granted permission to give the proceeds of the match with Aston Villa to Tom Chorlton and Robert Robinson with a guarantee of £350. Clubs not in the Cup Ties were requested to arrange postponed matches as soon as possible.

Woolwich Arsenal were directed to play their postponed match at Oldham on March 9 and Bradford City and Newcastle reported that they had mutually arranged their abandoned match.

Mr. C.E. Sutcliffe was presented with a gold medal in recognition of his services as inter-League linesmen, and a vote of thanks passed to the Middlesbrough officials for the admirable arrangements in connection with the Scottish match.

A Commission appointed to inquire into certain matters connected with the affairs of the Aston Villa Club submitted a report, and the Committee passed the following resolution: – “That the rumours and allegations suggestion improper and illegal payments on the part of Aston Villa are groundless. The commission having conducted an exhaustive inquiry the management and control of the Club are fully satisfied with the generous treatment by the Club of its players, and the Management Committee sympathise sincerely with the directors in the unwarranted attacks made upon them.”

The McGregor Cot Fund was reported to amount to over £800.
(Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer: March 2, 1912)

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