John Macdonald transferred from Liverpool to Newcastle United

Saturday, May 11 – 1912
John Macdonald, the Liverpool forward, has been transferred to Newcastle United. “Jock,” as he was familiarly called when associated with Raith Rovers, had no desire to stay with Liverpool, and although he was offered £4 per week all the year round he refused, and in Glasgow on Saturday Mr. Tom Watson, the manager, again sought his signature.

Newcastle were on the scene at the time, and soon the matter was settled. It is difficult to know where Macdonald will be played, as with George Wilson at their command Macdonald can scarcely hope to fill the position of outside left. The inside place, however, would suit him, as he has improved wonderfully in that position.
(Dundee Courier, 13-05-1912)

Saturday, May 11 – 1912
John Macdonald, an outside winger from Liverpool, is Newcastle United’s latest acquisition. Negotiations for his transfer were completed on Saturday morning.

Macdonald, who has served in the Anfield club for a couple of seasons, was Liverpool’s regular winger, playing either on left or right wings, until Harold Uren and William Lacey came into the team. During last season he figured in nineteen First League games, and scored his only goal against Sunderland at Roker Park on the last day of September.

Macdonald is young, fast and clever, and regarded as a winger of infinite promise. That he will be given an opportunity to develop his powers with his new club is the hope of his Liverpool admirers, who anticipate that he will one day earn international distinction. He was formerly with Raith Rovers and Glasgow Rangers.
(Evening Telegraph, 13-05-1912)


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