The funeral of Bailie James Henderson

Wednesday, May 15 – 1912
Impressive scenes were witnessed at the funeral, in Glasgow, of Bailie James Henderson, who was laid to rest in Cathcart Cemetery. His colleagues on the Glasgow Corporation, of which he was Senior Magistrate, sent a large representation, in addition to many other public bodies.

It was one of the largest public funerals seen in Glasgow for many years. There were five representatives from Scottish Football League, Messrs. Wilton, Craig, and Danskins (Directors), and Alec Smith (the oldest player), from the Glasgow Rangers F.C., with which the deceased had been long connected. Included in the wreaths were tributes from the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish League, Bellahouston Harriers, and the Rangers, Celtic, Queen’s Park, Clyde, Third Lanark, and Liverpool football clubs.
(Evening Telegraph, 15-05-1912)

** This article is a strange one. Liverpool had two players in the 1890s named James Henderson. Very little is known about these players. I am checking out if there is a connection, for why would Liverpool FC send a wreath?


  1. What a connection that would be Kjell – very interesting. I suppose there’s also a chance that with the White Star Line offices being situated in the city the club sent a wreath to symbolize that – maybe not ! Much prefer your idea !

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