Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1911-12

May 21, 1912
The annual balance-sheet issued by the Liverpool club discloses a highly satisfactory position, affording some solace from a pecuniary point of view which was not forthcoming from a playing source.

There is a gross profit of £3,247 18s. 4d., which is watered down to £1,267 6s. 1d., owing to transfers (£786 17s. 5d.) and depreciation, transfer to new and old stands, alterations, etc (£1,193 14s. 10d.) being deducted therefrom. Some of the items on the expenditure side are players’ wages and bonuses £5,375 17s. 2d., players’ benefits £953 11s. 6d., travelling expenses £959 0s. 11d., rates, taxes, mortgage, and other insurance £566 18s. 10d., mortgage and other interest £1,247 12s. 5d.

It will be gathered from these details that the club is heavily handicapped in having to pay so much interest, but this is being gradually and steadily reduced.

Income includes gate receipts £14,787 11s. 5d., proceeds of away matches £406 10s. 8d., season tickets £187, the total, which includes other amounts, being £14,729 6s. 6d., there being £585 12s. 3d. deducted for division of gate to visitors.

The annual meeting will be held at the Law Association Rooms, Cooke-street, on Thursday next. A dividend of 5 per cent is recommended.

The retiring directors are Messrs. William Coward Briggs, John Keating, and Albert Worgan, who offer themselves for re-election, and there are two other candidates seeking a seat on the board in Messrs. J. Bond and D. Simms.

It is surprising to find that voting cards, to be signed by each shareholder, are being issued for the purpose of this election, I should have thought that voting by ballot would have been the only course adopted, or even considered. It would be interesting to learn what the shareholders themselves think of this strange departure.
(Source: Athletic News: May 27, 1912; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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