Kenneth Campbell – Liverpool’s awakening

Monday, September 9 – 1912
Considering that Liverpool and Manchester City were in such dire danger of relegation last season, their auspicious commencement should prove a powerful tonic to both teams. To an outsider, the action of the Liverpool club in transferring their international goalkeeper – Sam Hardy – must have appeared a strange proceeding, but those thoroughly acquainted with the position were not alarmed. The Anfielders were well aware that they had in their reserve ranks, in the person of Kenneth Campbell; a youthful Scot who bids fair to rival the deeds of his countrymen, Matt McQueen and Ned Doig, both of whom kept goal for Liverpool.

He was discovered in a curious manner. One of the club’s directors was prospecting after another player, who now figures at full-back for the Anfielders, when he happened to be at a match in which Campbell was keeping goal. Such an impression was created in his mind that he determined to have a second look at him, and his previous opinion was then confirmed, s that he promptly signed him, on his own responsibility. Having secured his man, he then notified his club, and Liverpool must now feel thankful that they never offered any opposition to the unusual practice of one of their board.

A coming custodian.
Born at Glasgow twenty-one years ago, Campbell was educated at the Eastfield Public School, and kept goal in the boys’ team. To be a first-class goalkeeper was his ambition. After leaving school he joined Clyde Vale, but after half a season migrated to Rutherglen Glencairn, where he concluded that campaign, and the two ensuing seasons. He played regularly, and gained a local reputation that caused him to be signed on by Cambuslang Rangers, and he remained with them one year. He played as an amateur, but was evidently of exceptional capability, for two years ago while with the Rangers he secured five caps for assisting in representative fixtures.

Last May twelvemonth he signed a professional form for Liverpool, and in the practice games created an impression that has never been weakened, but, on the contrary, had gradually been strengthened.

Standing 5ft. 10½in., Campbell is cleanly built, but is not of a robust appearance. Every movement, however, betokens the natural goalkeeper. Goalkeeping is a source of delight to him, and he uses his 11st. 8lbs. of weight intelligently and unobtrusively. Alert and always anticipating danger, he makes difficult shots appear easy. Though young he is just the type of player to become an international performer, and is not likely to have his head turned by such praise as this.
(The Athletic News, 09-09-1912)

Kenneth Campbell.
Kenneth Campbell 1922

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