Liverpool F.C. injury update

Monday, November 11 – 1912
Liverpool appear to be partial to four goals judging from their recent performances, and their victory at Middlesbrough affords further evidence of the capabilities of their reconstructed forward line.

Like Everton, they are being badly hit by injuries to their players, no fewer than six being incapacitated from duty. James Scott, their half back, is slowly recovering from a broken rib, while the sturdy Robinson has returned to Sunderland in the hope that his native air will restore his pristine vigour. Pursell has not got over the injury to his thigh sustained at Derby, and Gracie has not resumed training since the game with the Rovers. Lacey, however, is able to indulge in light exercise, and James Speakman hopes to be fit for duty again shortly.

Under the circumstances, Liverpool deserve great credit for making such an effective rally as they have accomplished during the last four weeks.
(The Athletic News, 11-11-1912)

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