A big crowd is expected

Thursday, February 20 – 1913
Day following day goes to prove the enormous interest in the Liverpool match on Saturday. I was at Anfield yesterday, and the ‘phone was never idle, and all inquiries were for tickets. How will the crowd be housed? What measures are being taken to prevent a Hyde-road scene?

People are asking these questions, although they know that in the past the local clubs have taken every precaution to accommodate big crowds. However, Saturday is a very special occasion, and the Anfield ground is bound to be taxed to its utmost. In addition, the club is guarding against a £500 fine and a replayed game.

I came across Mr.Keating, a director, and he showed me round, pointing out how two bad corners of the Anfield ground had been remedied. You who have witnessed the crash at the right-hand corner of Spion Kop and the right-hand corner of the Anfield goal-end will remember that there have been some ugly scenes there in the past. Extra crash barriers have been placed at the awkward corners, and “stays” have been propped up in many places to prevent any rails giving way.

The ground looked in good condition, and a trifle on the hard side. It is pretty sure to give a form holding on Saturday, and Liverpool doubles would like heavy rainfall to-morrow, for they get on well on heavy turf. The number of police on duty will be large enough to prevent dangerous climbing or rushing. There will be seventy-five officers inside the ground, and the mounted police outside will control the queues.

Now about the players who have been on the doubtful list. Jack Parkinson says he feels fit, although the old injury has been “felt” after some training. I am pretty certain he will lead the line on Saturday; in fact, that the Reds’ team will be at full strength, for William Lacey is looking well and is certain to play. (Liverpool Echo, 20-02-1913)

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